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Redesign, Refresh, and Recharge Your Marriage

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You've been married for a while..... Long enough to know people grow and change as marriages change. Adjustments and updates help to refresh and reconnect your relationship.

You're committed to your marriage BUT you want more from your marriage and you need to have some important conversations with your spouse. You want to revitalize your marriage. You want a marriage where you feel important, special and valued.

I have helped many couples facilitate a focused conversation on meeting mutual and individual needs, providing coaching and support so you both can get clear on your message and make your points. Your time is precious so schedule this opportunity for your marriage at your convenience and life schedule.

Recharge Your Marriage, Recharge Your Life

Zev Halpern

Virtual Marriage Coaching can be done in real time, wherever you are in the world. Each coaching program is customized to your specific marital challenges and time constraints.

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The Promise

We will:

  • Address your marriages trouble spots
  • Have difficult and productive conversations
  • Reconnect for a Deeper More Fulfilling Relationship
  • Spice up Your Marriage and Feel the Love Again

By the end of the Zev's Coaching Program you will have clarity and focus, which will propel you both into a happier present and future together.

And that will make all the difference for BOTH of you.

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Apply for your complimentary Recharge Your Marriage Strategy Session so we can get better acquainted. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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